Bonobo is a 100% natural erotic supplement from herbal ingredients with beneficial effects on erectile function and libido, for which no prescription is required.It is an effective supplement which lasts for 30 hours.


  • Extract of the plant Maka / Lepidiummeyenii (maca) (noalkaloids) which contributes to male and female fertility and helps increase mental and physical energy.
  • Korean Ginseng / Panaxginseng which is an antioxidant, stimulant against physical and psychological fatigue and helps in carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Extract of the Marapuama / Ptychopetalumolacoides plant which is a tonic and stimulant appetite.
  • Pine plant extract / Pinus pinaster (maritime pine)
  • Ginger / Zingiberofficinale which naturally contributes to the body's defense.
  • L - citrulline / L - citrulline which is a natural amino acid that helps the veins in the arteries and improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.
  • L - arginine / L - arginine which enhances physical performance, endurance and strength.

Notification Number: NOM 32000 / 29-03-2018

What does Bonobo mean?

Bonobo derives its name from a species of chimpanzee called Bonobo, the ancestor of the anthropoid family and belongs to the genus Pan (Panpaniscus – Pan paniscus). Bonobo's sexual behavior is in no way different from human in all its expressions. Bonobo, however, has the sexuality of being super-sexual. He enjoys the joy of life without fighting or competing with other chimpanzees and all he cares about is flirting all day long. Bonobos have endless sexual intercourse for reproduction, love, social status, sex games, reconciliation, excitement, stress reduction and conflict resolution. Love keeps their groups together.